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My Story

Growing up I always looked up to my Dad.  He was the strongest and bravest man I knew.  He was funny, smart, told the best stories, the best preacher and teacher with a heavenly voice,  He was truly the rock of our family. The everlasting foundation that held us together. 

I had a strict Christian upbringing being taught that suicide was the "ultimate sin". Mental health was something to hide from others and be ashamed of, it was a sign that you were weak. 

I can remember a discussion I had with my dad after finding out that my cousin had taken her own life; "If you ever have anything bothering you. Talk to someone. Suicide is not the answer". Which raises the question as to why at 54 years old he chose to leave this world by suicide. You can imagine the pain, confusion, anger, sadness, emptiness, and questions that we were left with. Why? Just why? A questions we may never know the answer to. 

Over the years I struggled in dealing with his death, I was filled with grief. I've carried guilt, anger, resentment, and pain on my shoulders ever since March 4, 2012. A day that changed my life forever.  I struggled over the years to find an outlet for my grief, a way to help others and raise awareness in suicide prevention. Something to put all of my emotions towards and use them to make a difference.

I created Perfect Marks Jewelry because I am committed to making a difference by providing education and assisting in raising awareness in the prevention of suicide. Since the first day I launched my company I have connected with so many whose lives and been have been forever changed from suicide. I hope to continue in helping others, educating, providing recourses, and just being a listening ear. I want the world to know that mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. It is ok to not be ok and to seek help. 

If you or someone you know is in need of confidential support due to a crisis or emotional distress call the 

                   ​National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



A portion of all proceeds are donated towards raising awareness and prevention in suicide.